You can advertise on Facebook with Dark Posts and win

I encourage you try this, because you will be amazed as I was, I can guarantee you that.

When we first launched our Dark Post Profits mastermind we charged between $497 – $997 and I’m not kidding here. Sometimes people throw up numbers and you just think it’s hype and fluff. Well, let me login to my account here, let me show you. Here’s a screenshot I’ve got 343 transactions, you can see it on the left… $497, $497, $497…

Look on the right, these were all coming in on the same day, that’s just all on November 14th, AND i could scroll through pages and pages, just showing this.

Now, I’ve blocked out the personal data for obvious reasons, but this is our launch in late 2013, November. And we did, if you look at the 3 arrows there, it’s from 2013/11/14 to 11/21/2013, that’s about a week. We did a $186,025.55 in revenues and even $52,000 in a single day by our private mastermind. It was either $497 or $597, depending on how fast the people were getting in.

Get in today while the price is still low, at only $100 you can get your hands on the best Facebook advertising course online today.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on April 25, 2014

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