Why Houston Spa Uses Hot Stone in Massage?

Massage with the use of hot stones is one of the variations of typical massage therapy. The stones are heated in the water and place over the body’s key points. Massage therapist also used the stone while focusing on specific areas of your body. Hot stone in Houston massage is used to comfort the stress and release the pain of their clients. Hot stone is a good source of heat that calms the tense muscles and promotes relaxation. If you have a health condition like back pain, muscle aches, or suffers from arthritis, osteoarthritis, insomnia, anxiety, stress, tension, depression, and poor circulation try to visit a spa in Houston and they may help you to treat your condition in the process of hot stone massage. This procedure is effective and safe; the spas use the smooth basalt stone which is a kind of rock that can retain heat in longer hours.

The stones are soaked into the hot water inside the heating device, until it reaches a certain range of temperature. The stones can now be placed on your back, palms, and between your toes. The heat from the stone warms your muscle and allows the massage therapist to give a deeper pressure on the muscles. Stone’s heat also calms your nervous system and improves your circulation. However, even if it brings a lot of benefits to your body, there are some people who are not cable of having this kind of massage, like those who have a skin infection, under chemotherapy, pregnant women, and those who are suffering from a heart disease.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on August 23, 2012

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