What Are The Different Causes of ADHD

Let’s review what we’ve learned so far. ADHD may be hereditary, and can be exacerbated by the environment (poverty, a disruptive family). An expectant mother can contribute to the dangers by being exposed to poisons, smoking, drinking, or doing drugs before delivery. Issues like child brain injury, premature deliveries or low birth weight are just some of the contributing factors associated with these things. The type of diet could also be concerning especially if too much sugar, preservatives and products with artificial colorings are an issue.

Dopamine, at low levels; can be a contributor to ADHD symptoms. This neurotransmitter controls reasoning, coordination, impulsiveness, alertness, and hyperactivity – all main symptoms of this condition.These children may suffer from insomnia, disturbed dreams and restless sleep patterns.

Things like obsessive video gaming, extreme parenting methods or too many hours in front of the television may be likely factors. Medical conditions, certain treatment processes, Tourette’s syndrome, and learning disabilities can also contribute to ADHD and its severity.

One positive thing to keep in mind is that as children grow into adults, some outgrow the condition whatever the causes of ADHD be.

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