Utility Warehouse Reviews For Those In The UK

There are many utility warehouse reviews on the internet some bad and some good. New energy customers switching to Utility Warehouse are required to be members and pay a membership fee. Therefore it is necessary to treat this as part of the cost of switching to Utility Warehouse. Once you are a member, there are additional benefits on other services, such as telephones. No further membership payment is required.

The Utility Warehouse is operated by Telecom Plus plc. Telecom Plus have three bands of energy tariffs. Low is usually for houses with less than 3 bedrooms. Standard is a 3 bedroom semi detached, and high is 3 bedrooms detached and bigger. Utility Warehouse will give you the tariff which is most favourable to you. You also have the option to select your own tariff if you prefer.

Members of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club receive savings on telephone bills and mobile phone bills, as well as receiving all bills on one statement. Utility Warehouse provide over 300,000 homes and small businesses throughout the UK with gas and electricity, home phone, mobile phones and broadband services. The more services you take from Utility Warehouse the more money you can save. There is no minimum contract term for most of the services.

Utility Warehouse avoid spending customer money on expensive advertising campaigns, instead, they rely on personal recommendation from satisfied customers. Members can earn a monthly discount off their bill by referring a friend. They can also gain further benefits with premium membership levels.

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