Use Manual Winch Or Electric Boat Winch?

In their standard form, a boat winch is a spool or drum that is engineered to rotate only in a single direction, that being clockwise. In its manual form, a handle is used to rotate or revolve the drum using physical effort. An electric boat winch replaces physical power with electrical power. Winches on boats are used to bring up and lower sails and anchors, to move cargo around, and to load or unload packages.

To begin with, the process can be performed at the ship helm by pushing a control button. This reduces the risk for physically moving about the deck, which may slippery and heaving, to attend to an anchor or sail manually. It also leaves times and hands free to perform other jobs.

Next, in the case of an electric anchor winch, there is no tangle of rope or chain in the anchor box or well mainly because the rode wraps neatly around the rotating winch drum.

Electric powered vessel winches may involve custom production to allow for the specific spaces on yachts into which they must be installed and operate. Some fishing boat winches may be controlled by remote control, adding to their overall flexibility.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on June 29, 2013


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