Try This Powerful Facebook App to Build Your Affiliate Business

Affiliate Marketing is an great way to make cash online and Facebook is a strong way to get your message out.

By simply posting a link to your wall you can have all your pals see it also. And then if any of your pals click on the link and “Like” it, all of their pals see it as nicely. That is how points can spread virally employing the power of Facebook.

It really is this strong facet of Facebook that has more and more corporations searching to the social network to expand their region of influence. It really is also why you see more and more corporations building their very own Facebook Pages.

Yet another terrific attribute of Facebook is what are named Fan Gates.

Fan Gates are a technique that try to boost the number of “Likes” a page gets by offering one thing of value in return for a visitor clicking the “Like” button. For instance, the Facebook Page may possibly be blurred out or darkened to wherever you cannot actually see it. And there will be some verbiage that reads one thing to the impact that if you click the “Like” button then you are going to receive one thing like a particular report or a coupon, and so on.

Nonetheless, Fan gates can also be a liability due to the fact they only work with Facebook pages. At least that was accurate until now.

There is a new Facebook Application (in fact, it really is more than that) that enables one to develop a Fan Gate for practically any URL or affiliate link. It works specifically the same way as a Facebook Fan Gate. The web page is darkened and a “Like” box is superimposed over the web page offering one thing of value. If the visitor clicks the “Like” button the web page is then revealed. The Fan Gate link is then posted on the visitor’s Facebook Wall wherever all their pals will see it. If any of their pals click on the link and “Like” it then it gets posted on their Facebook Wall, and so on.

For corporations this is a really strong application due to the fact they do not even have to have a Facebook Fan Page to set up a Fan Gate. They can use their present business web web site if they have one. An additional attribute is that coupons can also be created inside the application.

Imagine you are a restaurant owner. You could develop a Fan Gate employing your restaurant web web site with a “Like” box that read “Click the Like button to receive 20% off your entire order over $25”. You could also add any particular situation such as “Not valid with any other provide. Coupon expires 06/30/2011” as an instance. The visitor would click the “Like” button and instantly be taken to the coupon wherever they could either print it out or bookmark it to print it out later on. You could also set it up so that buyers could simply save the coupon on their mobile smartphone.

Most business owners aren’t concerned with coupons currently being duplicated or photocopied due to the fact they simply want the traffic. Nonetheless, for individuals corporations that do want to avert that, each and every coupon is created with a distinctive number. And inside the application is the ability to confirm the coupons as they are redeemed to avert duplication.

For affiliate marketers, the application is very strong due to the fact it can be utilized with affiliate hyperlinks. Imagine advertising a item or service and currently being ready to provide a free of charge report or one thing else of value to get your visitors to click the “Like” button and examine out your affiliate provide.

So what is this application?

It is named Lykdit and is revolutionary in its design and style as we have currently noticed. But here is another essential point.

There is no contract. There are no month to month charges.

You simply pay for the credits you require.

Each Fan Gate you develop fees one credit. If you wish to also develop a coupon then you use an additional two credits.

For business owners who are utilized to having to pay many hundred dollars for marketing with Val-Pak or SavvyShopper, then Lykdit is an cost-effective substitute.

The same can be stated for affiliate marketers who may possibly use Spend-Per-Click or other paid marketing.

Why marketplace to one individual at a time when you could be marketing to thousands?

Use the power of Facebook for your Affiliate Marketing nowadays and see your business explode!

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