Try Gel Nails For Awesome Looking Nails

Beautiful looks applies to a lovely face and glamorous gel nails for that awesome look. Creative nail art designs on nails use lines, beads, dots, faces, etc. for the most fashionable women today. The beautiful women today are incomplete without a perfect gel nail art design manicure.

Gel nails have become a very big hit these today’s with woman on the go because it is an awesome way to express oneself through their gel nail kit design. Gel nail come in two different types of drying. There are those that will dry without light and those gels that require a UV light for curing.

The gels that require UV light for curing are highly recommended these days and are created with a chemical gel liquid mix that is applied on the nails along with a top coat. After each application layer, the nails have to go into a UV lamp for about one minute to cure the gel onto the nails.

Gel nails have proven to be much better than other types of nail polish because they require low maintenance and are odor free compared to acrylic nails. Also, unlike the acrylic nails that have a great tendency to chip, gel nails do not chip. These gel nails are non porous which will help to protect your nails from fungal infections.

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