The Many Benefits Of Wicker Blanket Boxes

Ideal Storage Furniture for the Home

Blanket chests or boxes are made using several different materials including all types of wood from pine to oak or cherry, plastic, and even metal, but perhaps the most versatile and attractive of all materials used in these pieces of storage furniture is wicker. Wicker blanket boxes have many benefits that are well worth considering.

Easy To Move

Anyone who cleans house on a regular basis can tell you how exhausting it can be to have move heavy furniture every time you want to do a thorough cleaning. Having a wicker blanket box means that you can store that extra bedding away neatly out of sight without having to have another piece of heavy furniture to move around every time you want to clean your room. Wicker is one of the lightest weight furniture around while still remaining incredibly sturdy when put to the use it is intended for.

Wonderful Designs and Colors

Wicker bedding boxes also have the benefit of coming in a wide variety of natural designs and colors. Because, these boxes are made from various types of grasses, the natural colors of these boxes can run from pale almost white to dark greens, browns and even reds. In addition, wicker is easy to paint allowing you to get a wide variety of colors.

In addition, since wicker is made from woven grasses the subtle designs of these chests will vary based on the weaving used to make these pieces of furniture. Some of the designs of these boxes are intricate and truly works of art while others are simple.


Another advantages of Wicker blanket boxes is that they are breathable. Because the grasses that make up these boxes are woven, they provide a way for air to flow in the box keeping the air inside fresh. The fresher the air in the box the fresher the bedding smells when you are ready to use it. Most bedding chests made of hard wood, metal or plastic do not allow for air flow which result in stale smelling bedding that needs to washed before using.

Fits Almost Any Decor

Because that Wicker is completely natural, it not only adds the beauty of nature to your home it also makes it possible for these items of furniture to fit with almost any decor from the beach house to the penthouse. This makes Wicker bedding boxes one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will even own.

If you are looking for somewhere to store those extra blankets, pillows, sheets and other bedding then perhaps a wicker blanket box might be the right choice for you.

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