The Improving of the Reception of the iPhone 4 Cases

The iPhone 4 case is practically a requirement for your iphone 4, given the problems some models have with reception and antennas. A case will improve reception and signal strength for many phones experiencing the problem. This list will help you shop for just the right Iphone 4 case for your needs. Agent 18 picked a difficult time to debut the Shock band, their bumper style iphone 4 cases. It happens that it’s being released smack in the middle of apple’s promotional response to the iphone 4 antenna problems, in which it’s giving free bumpers or third party cases to all iphone 4 owners. This program will end, but it must make things tough when you’ve got a paid product competing with a free one.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on May 10, 2012


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