The Galaxy S3 Smartphone – Top of the Mountain

It’s not often that I can write about a mobile phone like the Galaxy S3 smartphone and honestly say it sits at the top of cellphone mountain as the best smartphone in the world. And yes, that includes the Apple 4S iphone – that old standard question about who or what could ever challenge Apple’s dominance in the iphone-smartphone world has been answered clearly and powerfully with the newest offering from Samsung – the Galaxy S3 smartphone.

It’s a multiple-service smartphone with updated and upgraded features that now equal and exceed the Apple 4S iphone. Throw in a quad core processor, a much larger1080p high def display screen and a more powerful long-lasting battery along with a front 2.9 megapixel and back 8 megapixel camera, faster and more robust Android 4 operating system, cloud memory capability and enhanced expandable Ram storage of 64 gigabytes and the Galaxy S3 holds its own against any Apple phone and in fact raises the technology bar higher than Apple may be able to handle in their next incarnation of the iphone.

So what will it cost? and Can it compete against Apple’s pricing? The Galaxy s2 smartphone was priced at a reasonable $200 if you also got a two-year service plan. The Galaxy Nexus too, was priced at $300 with a two-year service plan – same as the iphone 4s with 32GB . The HD screen and quad-core processor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 combined make it one of the best, if not the best, phone on the market, and all this technology is expected to cost out at around $550-600. Samsung will be sure to price it competitively with the iphone 5 from Apple.

Discounts will appear quickly after Apple’s release of their iphone 5. To learn more click Galaxy S3 Smartphone

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