The best log viewer for Windows

The best log viewer for Windows can be determined by the features. If you’re thinking about using Retrospective as your Windows log viewing material, here’s a couple of reasons why it is just nothing but the most apt one:

User defined search results

With Retrospective, you are able to filter your search to get the exact logs you need. You can choose to grab logs that have been created by certain sources at certain times and acuity of the meaning they carry.

Advanced tailing that’s better than grep

With the tool brilliantly devised tailing command, users are able to parse even cryptographic logs like SSH logs.

Hierarchical Presentation of logs

To make things easier on the user’s end, results are presented based on emergence and categories each log file belongs to. All of which detailed in columns.

Profile creations for easy search

In order to make searching logs easier in the future, the tool allows users to create profile that comprise a variety of sources that can be tailed with a single click.

All these features and more with Centeractive’s Retrospective. Works great on Windows, and works great on all major platforms.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on April 8, 2013


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