The Beauty Of The Old Fashioned Amish Pie Safes

There was once a time when the entire household revolved around the work done in the kitchen, and when changes were needed, the Amish were the first to step up to the challenge. Their creation of the Amish pie safes were the first steps towards bringing efficiency to the home hearth, and they certainly made the lives of the women using them much easier to bear.

What Is An Amish Pie Safe?

Amish pie safes were designed to be a one-stop place for the creation of pies for the home, period. Made up of three distinct sections, they were usually installed right next to the ovens that would be used to bake them in. The bottom most section of these cabinets held deep shelves for storing everything from pie tins to the dry goods, like flour, sugar and salt.

Fitted with a wooden countertop, the middle area of Amish pie safes was more than big enough for to mix and make the dough and roll it out to fit into the pie tins. The top section was made up of separate drawers, adorned with unique punched tin accents. Wide and deep enough to hold tins, these were used to store the pies safely as they cooled.

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