If You Want A Job Try This

Getting a job is not always easy so here are three things to help you.

Fail to get these thing right and you will be guaranteed not to get invited to the next round of selection interviews. Somebody else will get the job you could have landed if you had paid attention to these three things interviewers hate.

Obviously there are many things you must get right and in today’s competitive workplace interviews are very demanding. It’s easy to put a foot wrong. Only the right preparation will enable you to present your best image and give yourself every chance of success.

There are many things you should not do, but these faults are amongst the most frequent. You’ll get the idea about the general concept so just keep the three points in mind. You could actively do the following if you don’t care about succeeding in your job search. Any one of them will see you fail.

1. Why should you ask questions?

Of course they are the interviewer. It’s their job to ask the questions and not you. Because you already know all the answers, you don’t need to ask anything anyway.

2. Arrive late for the interview to show how important you are

And fail to apologize. It’s your fault you are late. Did you slept through the alarm? Perhaps you expected to arrive for the interview exactly on time but did not allow for finding a parking place. Probably the traffic was at fault; it certainly could not be you that made yourself late. Could it?

3. Don’t attempt to make a good first impression

Look like you’ve slept in your clothes, eaten lots of garlic yesterday and not bothered to shave. Without any sign of excitement simply take the interviewer’s hand in your sweaty palm whilst you give them a really limp handshake. And don’t attempt to make eye contact.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on December 24, 2014

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