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Checking your log files sporadically is a vital step towards a congruent system. Your log files are like prophets that state the ominous instances that can arise in the future if certain initiatives are not taken. Nonetheless, some log data can be quite hard to perceive and an average logging tool may not be enough to break the code. A good example for complex log data would be SSH logs. Of course, the only thing that can aid such files for parsing would be an SSH log viewer just like Retrospective.

Swift SSH tailing aptitude

Retrospective has the ability to manipulate the SSH logs generated by secure network connections in a fast way. After getting a hold of the logs, they are parsed efficiently for easy readability on the user’s end.

A clearer view of logs

One of the best features of the tool would be its sophisticated log viewing platform. Logs are organized according to various factors such as time of generation, nature, sources and so on.

Refined search

Users are able to get the exact items they are looking for. This feature is essential when troubleshooting specific programs that are essential for tasks completion.

Above all, Retrospective works on all major operating systems. It is totally a steadfast turnkey log viewing gem for all.

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