Smart Strategies for Making Your Website Panda Friendly

Yes, it can be difficult to write about web business processes because you do not know how far to go with explaining everything. Just imagine taking a complete newbie and trying to explain absolutely everything on Amazon Money Machine review.

So it is not a good idea to just wade into anything without taking time to learn and get a feel that your knowledge is sufficient to keep you out of trouble.

What we will talk about in this article assumes a certain level of previous learning. Beginners will almost never realize what we have just explained to you, and now you have perhaps your first edge over so many others. Once you have your initial campaigns underway, then you really have to pay attention to what is going on, and that is why testing and tracking are so valuable.

Since Google keeps on rolling with the changes, then perhaps you’re wondering about making your website or blog Panda friendly. If this isn’t something you’ve been thinking about, perhaps your SEO isn’t that much of a priority. However, if this important to you, it’s time to figure out what you need to do. You’ll find that there’s nothing too difficult to learn, so that’s a good thing.

It’s taken them a bit of time, but now Google’s really getting serious. For years they’ve been saying they’ll change certain things, but they only put in a minimal effort to achieving them. Nevertheless, here are three important tasks you need to do to become friendlier to the Panda.

Before you start making changes, you need to understand how Google penalizes your site first. There might be just one of your pages among plenty of others that Panda might find offensive. That one page could be the reason your entire site is penalized. Wherever possible, ensure the content you use is great quality and unique to your site. If you have pages that you know are not all that great, then delete them or rewrite a better post or article. At a bare minimum, shoot for at least 400 words of content on each page. Actually, aiming at more than 450 words might be a better idea.

The Panda updates have affected plenty of SEO aspects, but none more so than backlinking. The number of backlinks you have pointing to your site is intended to show Google that others like your content. While it’s been like this for a long time, Google is now placing a stronger emphasis on the type of backlinks coming into your site. They actually notice the quality of incoming links to your site.

They will look to see if any links to your site come from authority sites or link wheels, or from sites containing relevant content to your own, or sites with good PR. Keep in mind that Google will also check to see if your rate of link growth seems organic. So you will need to have the kind of content that is appealing and informative. If you can update or provide this type of content, others will automatically start linking to it.

It is important to create a really great experience for your site visitors if you want to create Panda friendly content. What this means is that you have a bunch of strategies and formats to choose from when it comes to composing your content. Building a “news” section for your site is a great way to reduce your bounce rate. Obviously this section must be absolutely relevant to your site theme and niche. But that is not hard to do, and you can also use Google Alerts for this. You’re even allowed to update this section of your site every day of the week. That is not hard to do, and it will train the Google bots to visit your site very often which is desirable. It’s good all around really, because your visitors will like it too.

Ensuring your site is Panda friendly for business as well as SEO is not something you do one time and forget about. You need to keep applying the right methods after you fix any problems that are present. You really have no excuses for not doing it because it doesn’t take much.

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