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There are tons and tons of options to select from when looking to buy an SEO product for link building. Because of the profitability of selling this type of program there are many sellers. Also, there are loads of affiliates that promote every product because they are well aware of the profitability.

So how do you gauge the quality and accuracy of a search engine optimization product reviews? Just follow these simple guidelines.

Trustworthy Signals

It’s all about trust when it comes to product reviews. Here are a few signs that you can use to estimate how honest or trustworthy an affiliate is.

The Good and the Bad

Does the reviewer mention the good parts AND the bad parts about the program? Usually the best reviews are very honest and list the pros and the cons of the product in review. This will give you a much clearer insight into which program you should be using.

Also, by pointing out the good and bad aspects, you might be able to choose a product based on the shortcomings that don’t concern you. For example, one software program might be missing features that you already have access to elsewhere.

Here’s a video about what SEO software or programs you should use and avoid in the first place:

Proof of Use

Better reviews will have obvious proof that they actually used the product. This could be shown in a number of different ways. It should be pretty obvious by the way the article is written. However, it’s best if they provide their own video or screen shots and also add some statistics. For instance, an example of the increase of their rankings as a result of the use of a product would make for a solid testimonial.

Q & A

Comments by others asking questions and good responses by the reviewer are a great sign that you are looking at a solid review of the product. If there aren’t and questions or comments then an invitation to ask questions almost as good.

Other Content On Site

Sites that only have reviews on them are obviously strictly made for profit. These sites are often just search engine optimized to rank for keywords and usually don’t have great content or reviews. If the site has other content as well then it is usually more trustworthy.

One More Thing

The last thing to look for is whether or not the site seems spammy. There are a couple clear indicators of whether you are reading a review from a lousy spam site.

1. The domain name

A domain with the word reviews in it might still be worth looking at, but most of the time it is only made to rank highly in the search engines and profit. The writer very well may have not even used the products in review.

2. The title tags

Titles that you find in Google and other search engines shouldn’t try to be deceptive or have tons of capitalized characters. A title that says the product is a scam or even uses the word scam just to get you to click is usually not the best site to get a review from.

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