Samsung S4 Smartphone Review

The Samsung S4 Smartphone joins the ever-growing family of Samsung smartphone products. It’s available now from many outlets and promises to change the way you interact with your communications device. It is the vanguard of smartphones to come and has set a high barrier to entry for the Apple iPhones. The iphones are popular in the USA but are not as popular in Europe and Asia.

Those in the know prefer the higher-end features that Samsung offers in their S2 and S3 smartphones; generous screen size, superior beauty and style, superior processor speed, superior sound, superior cameras, superior simplicity of use; these are the trademarks that Samsung S4 brings to the table.

It started with the S2 – an outstanding smartphone that is still competitive and in demand – especially as the price continues to fall. The S3 took the S2 to another performance level and added a few bells and whistles that many of us are just now getting used to. Samsung overtook Apple in smartphone sales outside the United States with the release of the SIII.

The Samsung S4 Smartphone stretches the technology of smartphone makers to its furthest limits and delivers on its promises beautifully. It’s large, beautiful and fast. Some however, have criticized it because the body is made of plastic making it feel like a toy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The S4 is an elegant marvel of technology brilliance. A practical tool with an entertainment edge. Samsung knows that most people who choose to purchase the S4 will also purchase a case for it. The case protects the phone from damage and enhances its use and durability.

It is in high-demand as I write this and its features take smartphone technology to new heights of performance speed and functionality. Owners will need a week or two to get used to its new no-touch features but will find them hard to live without once they get used to them. The S4 leaves Apple in the dust. It’s priced right too. Apple will try to match its features with its release of the iPhone 6 or the iphone 5s this next year.

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