Our Advice on Drunk Driving

What is the most effective way of beating a field sobriety test? Well our DUI attorneys at Alcock and Associates P.C. law firm say this once and for all:

Do not drink and drive. When you drink, make sure that you do not drive. It does not matter how many drinks you took into your system. Next to accidents, the worst thing that can happen is being charged for DUI. Having a DUI case filed against you is messy enough. Make sure that you avoid it.

When you drive, make sure that you do not drink. That way you are in a win – win situation. No hassle. No headache. Right? Be smart about it. Do not just say you will take a risk of driving while drinking because usually the risks are against you. It would be better if you will be the only one who will be affected by doing that. But it is not true. Your job, your future and even your family will be affected.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on June 2, 2012

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