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Part1. Best ways to put Limewire songs on iPod

Step1. That you must download and install Limewire earlier. ( Here is the limewire download link ). We move the Basic version as example within guide. Then run the Limewire. Enter a keyword (e . g . Michael Jackson) inside a search bar, and thereafter wait half a minute, Limewire will return a large number of michael jackson related download link results.

Step2. Click on the download link, then Limewire will commence the downloading process. (Tips: higher number will lead faster download speed). Following the download process is done, Limewire will automatically add the downloaded songs in your iTunes library (when you experience installed iTunes), undoubtedly plug in your iPod or iPhone to computer and sync it with iTunes, done.

When Limewire song doesn’t load with your iTunes automatically, you are click Tools -> Choices to open the panel, click “Configure” and set becoming follow:

Part2. Best ways to put Limewire videos on ipod

Step1. Download video comes to audio. Enter in the keyword (e . g . twilight), Proceed to “video” categories, source the file you are looking, click the link at the beginning to download it.

Step2. In the event the download process was finished, located the limewire video file off your computer, limewire default save folder is “C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsLimeWireSaved”.

ipod both support only MP4 video, if for example the download file has already been mp4 video, you are drag it into iTunes library and sync it rrn your iPod or iPhone directly.

2011 Christmas is coming now, you can get an iPod or even an iPhone. And so you want to know you must download free songs and videos for iPod or iPhone. Limewire is one popular method to get what you should want. And this step by step guide will instruct you how to download as well as put Limewire free songs and videos on iPod iPhone.

Plenty of Limewire video files are MPEG or AVI. Use this Limewire Video Converter to transform them to iPod compatible MP4 video. I could many video converters, in addition to one is most effective with Limewire video. It’s working with Windows 7 and 64 bits system. Discover more information about it by associated with this review . Drag the recording into the limewire video converter, set the profile to “iPod Video MPEG-4(*.mp4)”, click start begin the conversion.

Requires a few minutes for you to end the conversion. Then drags the converted MP4 video to your iTunes library and sync the Limewire video rrn your iPod or iPhone, this video converter build-in a music player transfer. Countless uses for flash to upload Limewire songs or videos to iPod desire want to use iTunes. That’s all. Enjoy my guide on putting Limewire songs and videos on iPod, Merry Christmas.

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