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Belt sanders help with constructing wood into sleek, lovable pieces. A belt sander is typically made up of sandpaper and rollers. Rollers provide the consistent sanding movement that is important when working with wood. Wood splinters and irregularities are removed easily with an effective belt sander. The work can be finished rapidly. Instead of painstakingly sanding by hand, the belt sander does all the work.

Heavy duty jobs call for the best belt sander. A good belt sander has to be durable and powerful. Some of the best belt sanders are categorized into different variations:

Hand held:

The more common type is the manual. These are targeted to the normal consumers. But even handheld ones are not created equal. Some of the best handheld belt sanders have front and rear handles. This is for ease of holding the sander and manipulating it around the wood. A handheld sander has a bin to collect dust. The motor is strong and made of quality materials. The sander should not fray. Some designs are sleek and small, meant for those with small reach. Other belt sanders meant for handheld use are big, meant for larger customers.

It is best to choose ergonomic sanders that conform to your body. If you are left handed, there is a special sander for you. Belt size matters. The belt should be at least 3 inches by 18 inches for smaller sanders.

Stationary Belt Sander

A stationary belt sander is for professional use. Employees find it more convenient to use stationary sanders than handheld ones. While some stationary sanders are portable, the industrial ones are heavy. Stationary sanders are more expensive, but if they’re for business, then these may be worth the extra expense. Size is also bigger. Some stationary sanders have belts measuring 6 inches by 48 inches. Larger types can have belts sized 25 x 60 inches. A worker can rapidly work on wood using a stationary sander.

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