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Part of the business is organizing a file to make it easier to track who are the customers who come in frequently, or less, or do not continue getting a service. The salon and spa owners always looking for the system to keep track clients files for services they frequently used, personal data and preferences. Finding ways to market the business to clients even on the busiest days flipping the bulk index cards or the appointment log books and find the clients phone number and try to call them one by one is very time consuming task yet not so effective in today’s trend. With the use of advance technology it makes things possible at Palm Beach spa in, it cuts almost all the required time in doing a multi-jobs; because all the information about the client can be accessed in a single tap of the finger into the computer. The installed software can also send emails, birthday cards, invitations, newsletter, and other information that will create a good rapport with the customers. No one even better than the best customer service a spa and salon owners could give to their valued and prospective customers. This can also eliminate the waste of time on often counting the sold items and monitoring the remaining stocks, because the desired software may able to detect the all the in and out of items per product description, brand, size and colors. For the effective results it is recommended to get a trial period first of the software to be able to know if this will be the appropriate system you need on your business.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on September 22, 2012

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