Make Money Online Using Social Bookmarking Automation Software.

While this is meant to be a product review of Edwin Brian’s "BOOKMARKING DEMON", I have not said anything about the product itself, but have dealt with what is needed for GENERATING TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE THROUGH SOCIAL BOOKMARKING.

However, I must say that Edwin Brian’s "BOOKMARKING DEMON", does do justice in meeting the criteria discussed and achieving the desired goals. "BOOKMARKING DEMON" receives my tick of approval for the purpose of GENERATING TRAFFIC TO A WEBSITE THROUGH SOCIAL BOOKMARKING, ALL ON AUTO PILOT..

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Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies.

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What exactly is Web 2.0?

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Almost everybody seems to be talking about Web 2.0 these days. Never mind the fact that many people throw around the term without knowing too much about it.

Do you do that too? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. But it’s time you explored what it was.

Before we get into Web 2.0 software and define what it is in dry as dust terminology, take a moment to answer my question: What do these websites have in common: wikipedia, and Ning?

The answer is simple really. They are all websites that aim to use the power of the information highway (a.k.a the Internet) to hook people together. They look to users to create quality content, share expertise and provide balanced opinions (and checks) through social interaction. Their fundamental ideology is this: people have an axe to grind, so, why not let them do it in public? Give them a place to express themselves and the resulting system will grow exponentially. Obviously, social networks built around a common theme are quite successful.

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Web 2.0 decoded.

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Web 2.0 marketing strategies consist of a number of Internet marketing software that operate on the belief that when you invite your users to create and contribute to your content pool, you will get unbelievable volumes of traffic. Participating in these kinds of strategies can raise your profile and help you promote your business, products or services.

As you know, there is a hot race to possess certain pockets of data. So, what do you do if you’re not the only one to own that data? The next best thing. Shout the loudest, so people flock to you for information and don’t go to your competitors for it. The one who shouts the loudest gets the meatier portion. It’s as simple as that. “Harnessing collective intelligence” is how O’Reilly defines it. Directing hordes of traffic is how web masters see it.

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Web 2.0 marketing tools.

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Now let us look at the tools available to us.

Some of the most common Web 2.0 strategies include social bookmarking, RSS marketing, video marketing and blogging.

Blogging is one of the most highly touted features of Web 2.0. RSS comes a close second. It allows users to subscribe to a page so he or she gets fresh content every time the original page changes. Video marketing is hot too because it allows people to put up videos easily. In this way, they can give their visitors an experience hitherto unheard of on the net – that of seeing, listening and absorbing at the same time!

These are all effective ways in which you can make your presence felt on the web. Soon, your visitors believe that you are a force to be reckoned with.

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Why is Web 2.0 marketing important?

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There was a time when people believed in the saying ‘not the best product but the product with the best marketing wins’.

In the past, getting noticed on the Internet was relatively easy. There was little choice and less competition. So, making a splash in the pond of Internet marketing was relatively easy. Naturally, all efforts went into traditional marketing strategies.

Today however, things have changed.

Today, marketing is not about bagging that first visit. Getting repeat visits from users is what selling is about. Why should users come back to you when they have so many places to go? Of course, people who browse the net have very short memories and they will dump you if you don’t keep yourself in the full blast of their view.

To keep yourself in the forefront of your competition, you have to post often and post well. Sometimes, its blogging, other times syndicating. Using video and audio to deliver eye-pulling and breath-catching attention is what the game calls for.

As a web marketer, there are things that you can do and should not do. Wasting your time trying to feed your RSS or logging on to thirteen websites so every webpage of your site gets bookmarked are among the things you should NOT do. Why?

Besides the fact that routine actions like these are thoroughly boring, there is the time factor you have to look at. Would you rather bookmark your website in 10 different sites manually and spend 7 hours every week doing it, or use submission software that does the same work leaving you free to do something else?

One of the secrets of successful Web 2.0 marketing is to use a bag-full of internet marketing software that takes the aches and pains out of the process for you through automation.

Web 2.0 is here to stay and those that get on the bandwagon quicker will be able to utilize the power of this unique technology longer and fuller than those who wake up to it, say a year later.

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Social bookmarking.

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Is it really everything it’s made out to be?

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If you run a website, you already have an idea of the adrenalin rush that web masters feel when they open their web page and see a sudden explosion in the number of hits their page landed. You open your inbox and there is a clump of messages clamoring for attention. “Delighted’ does not nearly explain the feeling. I mean, how do you feel when you’re almost dead sure that there’s a pot of gold waiting for you just around the corner?

Social bookmarking is one of the most potent types of Web 2.0 software used to build traffic to your website. I am talking about serious web traffic, the kind that registers hundreds of new visitors and a couple of thousands of repeat visitors every day. Yes, with social bookmarking, this scenario is more than doable.

So, let us get you started on the social bookmarking gig right away.

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Social Bookmarking.

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First, what is it? Remember when you read a book and you particularly liked a line or paragraph? You bookmarked it so you could come back to it again and again. That is what social bookmarking is. You visit a site and discover that the content there is head and shoulders above the rest. You want to come back to it time and again, so you ‘bookmark’ the site. Obviously, the more bookmarks a website earns, the more visited it will be.  

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How does it work?

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So, how does social bookmarking work?

This technology puts YOU in the driver’s seat. You select the website you want to promote and bookmark it using a social bookmarking website. This gives you an automatic backlink. Then, you go on to add tags to your listing. Every tag earns you a link. That could mean as many as 10-15 backlinks for every social bookmarking site you use. Suppose you were using 8 bookmarking sites, how much traffic would you be attracting?

By providing intelligent content, you give your visitors added reasons to come to you. But, your work does not end there. You are really not joining these websites so you can help visitors bookmark you by accident .

You have to take control of the action. Visit these sites and scout around for posts that interest you or pertain to your niche. Bookmark these posts and add a comment. This single step can boost your traffic immensely.

Imagine what happens when you bookmark three websites as your favorites and they bookmark you in return; and each of you comments on the others’ posts! You will soon amass a network of active links. And don’t we know that search engines simply love active links?

Certain social bookmarking sites become favorites with search engines, meaning that the links they feature will get more rankings than others. These are the ones that the internet marketing software program target.

So you see, social bookmarking is the best way to create hot internet buzz around your product or service. It is the surest way to get noticed. If you do the follow up work and create content that people like, your odds of landing up on the front pages of social bookmarking websites are pretty high. Remember, the higher your ranking, the greater the traffic beating its way to your door.

But before you get too excited, it’s only fair to warn you that there is one lethal weapon that can kill your web presence. It’s called spamming and of course, you’ve heard of it!

The biggest mistake you can make is to create your bookmarks for the search engines and not for the people reading it. Social bookmarking is for the entire community of readers to enjoy and benefit from. Nobody likes someone who is just there for the adverts or backlinks. And remember, people are voting for you (or against you) all the time.

Now that you know how important it is to bookmark your website, I guess you’re going to get busy doing just that. But wait a minute.

There are too many bookmarking websites out there and bookmarking each page of your website on each of these sites could literally burn you from both sides. Fortunately, there are some submission software tools that you should consider using, just so you can be free to do other stuff.

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