Is A Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Needed For A Felony DUI Charge?

Felony drunk driving can be a serious offense to be charged with. The circumstances surrounding the charge must be of a type that was deemed serious enough to elevate it beyond the usual misdemeanor, and the only possible way to defend such charges successfully will have to include the help of a Pittsburgh DUI attorney. To do so otherwise will have you facing years of potential jail time in the process, should you fail.

A Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Can Explain Why It Is A Felony Charge

In most states, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered to be a serious criminal offense, but not always one that merits elevating it to the level of a felony. The majority of DUI charges are considered to be misdemeanors, punishable by fines and little, if any, jail time. For the charge to be raised to felony level, it may mean that you are a repeat offender, or have done something that merit’s the higher charge. Having a Pittsburgh DUI attorney by your side is the only way to defend against such a charge.

One way for a non-repeat offender to have earned a felony DUI charge is to have done something in connection with being charged with driving under the influence to warrant the higher charge. Trying to run from the police, getting into an accident, or committing an assault while under the influence can all merit a felony DUI charge. The more you tell your Pittsburgh DUI attorney about the circumstances surrounding your case, the more detail he can give you as to why you are now looking at a felony rather than a misdemeanor.

Building Your Defense

Without the aid of a Pittsburgh DUI attorney, trying to defend yourself against felony DUI charges in court will surely fail. These are much more serious charges than most people will face, entailing stiffer penalties, and including lengthy jail sentences as well. There are various levels of felonies, each one dependent on the actions of the accused as to which one applies. Providing every detail about what happened the night you were charged will help your attorney create a defense worthy enough to refute the charges against you.

If you were involved in an accident directly connected to being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the circumstances surrounding that accident become very important to the formation of your defense. Were you driving at the time, and did you cause the accident, or were you hit by someone else? What happened at the time of the accident to cause you to lose control of your vehicle? Did you try to flee the scene of the accident, or wait patiently for the police to arrive? Your guilt or innocence lies in the details, and the more you can give your Pittsburgh DUI attorney, the better your defense will be.

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