IPad 2 keyboard cases

Have you seen these cool new iPad 2 cases with keyboards? A handful of smart manufacturers and designers have started making these fantastic things for iPad users; this is one of those things that transforms the device into more than a tablet. (And one I can’t believe I only just heard about them) With one of these new iPad 2 keyboard cases, which fasten or clip onto the device, the user has multiple angles for setting the tablet in place, to allow the user to visually see the propped up tablet and type away just like using a laptop.

The keyboard experience is very akin to a laptop keyboard, the difference being that you pop the iPad out and it will snap or clasp onto the keyboard case, so now you have that slim portable form factor we all love about the Ipad 2.

Have a look at some iPad 2 Keyboard case reviews, I really like the ones from Zagg and Logitech cases.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on January 12, 2012

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