Inside The Line Of Forerunner Garmin Watches

Forerunner Garmin Watches are undoubtedly the most advanced in the GPS category being sold today. These Garmin Watches actually link to a satellite network, making them able to accurately measure speed, your pace, your distance and even your elevation. Plus, Garmin Watches also feature the bells and whistles you’d expect from a sports watch.

So, what makes each of the six varieties of Garmin watches in the Forerunner series stand out?

Similarities Between Garmin Watches

Every one of the Garmin Watches are self-contained GPS devices. This sets the Garmin Watches apart from many of the other big GPS watch makers who require a separate external GPS device to be applies to your body elsewhere. Forerunner Garmin watches let you just put on the watch and go for a run.

Garmin watches also feature some pretty amazing sports watch features. Generally, most Forerunner Garmin Watches feature the following bells and whistles:

Virtual Partner
Auto Pause/Auto Resume
Auto Lap
Pre-programmed Routines
Pacing and Speed Alerts
Alerts for Time and Distance
Tools for Interval Training
Customization Features For The Screen

Differences Between Garmin Watches

There are also a lot of differences among the various generations and models of Garmin watches, which we’ll walk through briefly now. For instance, the newer watches appear to have much more accuracy, thanks to a stronger GPS signal pickup. That said, the older watches do have some better attributes. For instance, older Garmin Watches were able to store 5x the laps than their newer counterparts can. The newer Forerunner Garmin Watches also allow you to compete against yourself in previously recorded workouts, while the older ones don’t. The display for the older Garmin Watches also shows three real-time fields of data on its screen. The second and third gen Garmin Watches have four. Then, on the 4th generation, it’s back down to three on a smaller screen.

There are also a few differentiations between the current generations of Garmin Watches. For starters, the 205 doesn’t support use with foot pods and heart rate monitors, but the 305 and 405 do. All of the watches work with USB data transfer, but just the 4th generation let you do so wirelessly to an ANT USB device. The second and third generation watches aren’t nearly as sleek as the 4th and would be harder to wear for everyday use. Strangely, the 205 and 305 Garmin Watches support GPS navigation but the 405 doesn’t.

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