Homemade Crafts Make Holiday Decorating Inexpensive

Holiday decorating on a budget can be fun for the whole family. Every home has broken things and useless items lying around. They don’t necessarily need to be destined for the trash. Why not make homemade decorations with the kids. Some cotton, paint, and hot glue may be all it takes to turn a beer bottle cap into a Santa face to hang on the tree. You have saved the bottle cap from the trash and made a fun ornament for the tree. Get creative when decorating to save your wallet and the environment.

What child hasn’t brought home a pine cone covered in glitter during the holidays? Holiday decorating with pine cones can be grown up and elegant. A glass dish filled with pine cones and candles makes a classic center piece on the dining room table for Christmas and Thanksgiving. How about Halloween? Everyone has unmatched socks that we never throw away hoping that one day its twin will reappear. Ball the sock up in a torn piece of cloth and tie it off with some string to make a spooky ghost to hang from the mantle. Homemade holiday decorating is fun and easy for everyone. Try any of these the next time the season rolls around.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on October 2, 2012

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