Heavy Duty Rubber Stair Treads For Home And Commercial Appliactions

Stair treads are usually found for both home and commercial use. The home variations can be made of assorted woods to enhance existing stairs or may simply be decorative outdoor rubber stair treads designed to protect each step for increased comfort and safety. Commercial models are engineered to withstand much more use and are normally more thick and sturdy.

These safety surfaces can be bought in many different colors and patterns. Made with diamond, grid, square, or circle embossing, to name just a few, all these can be bought in trendy colors including white, black, gray or brown. Vinyl outdoor stair treads are for sale for industrial applications that accept heavy foot traffic while keeping a walking environment that protects against slips. Added to new step surfaces, the rubber helps shoes or boots to grip to the surface. Used on top of older steps, the product evens and stabilizes existing areas. The patterned surfaces can help many people to really feel more secure when climbing up or down the stairways.

Prices for individual items can range from forty to eighty dollars for heavy duty outdoor models to twenty dollars and under for basic mats. Many suppliers do offer special discounts on blemished materials. Typically the commercial types are glued to the stair steps with adhesives that are either water or solvent based. Applicators are usually supplied with the purchase. It is also possible to arrange for professional installation.

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