Going Organic in Turkey

Recently, I came into money that allowed me to go on a holiday. Turkey had always been a dream vacation destination. I looked for cheap hotels in Turkey and found Pastoral Valley Eco Farm. In Turkish, the place is known as Pastoral Vadi. Organic farming is what this hotel is renowned for. They grow oranges and lemons in their organic farms. Pomegranates and olives were pretty prevalent, too. The farm also grows vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. Artichokes and aubergines were in abundance, as well. In between rows of fruit trees is where the artichokes are located.

The farm served real Turkish meals. All the ingredients of the meals served were farm supply. They are prepared using wood-burning ranges. Woods are used as kindling to give an smell to the place. The hotel’s kitchen is always filled with people. The volunteers and staff are kind and always answer my questions. I was lodged in a log cabin during my stay there, which made everything so parochial. The gurgling river behind the kitchen was soothing and calming and was a way to obtain clean clear water. I really like environmental surroundings of the farm. I feel like I am one with mother nature.

Pastoral Vadi is located in a large tract of land covering 42,000 sq. meters. The farm is very near the beach and is surrounded by pine forests. The closest village in the area is Yaniklar. This village is roughly 16 kilometers of Fethiye. Visitors can hike in its variety walking trails in the forests. The farm has the ideal location since it is near many interesting places. Also, the farm is a good environment to see the true life of ordinary village people in Turkey.

The farm provides free beach transfers. It is convenient for visitors to go and swim in the nearby beaches. There is also an out of doors swimming pool in the farm. No chemical compounds are being used to clean these pools. The guests at the farm can also undertake other activities. The farm can arrange boat tours to nearby islands. The farm may also arrange snorkeling activities. The people I’ve met along the way at the farm was what sealed the deal for me. They include the staff and the volunteers at the farm. Even the guests that stay at the farm that I befriended are all great. Stimulating discussions were what I had enjoyed the most.

I’m also glad that I stayed in the Farm because I mastered new skills. Workshops for wine-making, pickle-making, pottery, and basket-weaving were being provided by the farm. The workshops were very fulfilling. I was so glad I tried all of them. Pets were accepted at the farm, too. The two dogs that run around the place are just lovable. I got so attached to them that I made a decision to let them stay on my balcony on some nights. It was a regrettable day for me and them both when I left the following morning. Staying at the farm was one remarkable experience. I felt peaceful and stress-free. Mother nature has really invigorated me. The farm can be found online, and if you want more information on cheap holidays deals, just view website.

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