Getting Property Buying Help From Uncle Sam

As anybody in the process of choosing to acquire or sell a home can tell you, the whole business can seem difficult. Many who engage the services of a professional real estate broker endure a whole lot of eternal nights working to figure out who is taking advantage of them more — the broker or the lender. The government booklet gives tips to sort things out.

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The Federal Trade Commission makes available a free booklet that assists new buyers or home sellers with some FAQs on the subject of properties. called “Selling Your Home – Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Professional”. The booklet focuses on the proper amount you should expect to pay for a real estate commission, the ins and outs of contracts as well as business models.

While the booklet is somewhat slim, with only a few pages, it does come with many great words of advice. Under the portion dealing with agent commissions, the booklet says that 6% is the standard, it is not set in stone.

The booklet attempts to nudge potential customers to attempt to negotiate for a better fee structure, since the broker is as hungry for your business just as much as you want their assistance.

You can get the booklet by surfing to the FTC Web page at When you are ready to buy or sell you may want to visit Properties for Sale site to get a good buy on a new home.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on July 12, 2010

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