Getting More Rent To Own Homes In Florida And Other States

My dad is employed by a government organization and it sort of provides us security. It’s even wonderful to know that we possess three residences in three diverse areas! But before folks would give thought to negative things I would like to clarify things. My dad is assigned in different areas every now and then which is why we have lived virtually everywhere. In the previous four years though my father realized that leasing a home is a waste of cash. We could have set up things better to ensure that we will be able to acquire real estate. When he was about to be assigned in DC, he quickly looked up for the list of rent to own homes in DC. We could luckily afford the rent of the best house which he discovered perhaps even in the event that we’re no longer living there, we are even now spending money on the lease within two years time, the exact property will be under father’s name already. The property manager and my dad agreed upon the actual contract with conditions that are very flexible and ideal therefore we took the chance.

The identical thing happened after we gone to live in Denver the following year. My dad also looked up for rent to own homes in Denver and made the necessary agreements with the owner. They opted for a longer term though because we are still renting the other house in DC but still it was good sufficient for us to be in a position to pay the quarterly amount.

This third time though, the government already offers stipend for our stay. Even now, dad opted to obtain a single of the rent to own homes in florida. He is one who is crazy over real estate investments because he knows that down the road, when everything is under his name already, we will be in a position to use the real estate and we might even make much more from it. I suppose my father is very wise.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on July 13, 2010

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