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The audio visual receiver is the control center of your home theater system. It is one of the most important equipment in the system. Before you decide to buy and A/V receiver it is important to know how big your listening room is, whether you have a 5.1 or 7.1 channel setup, big or small speakers, and last but not least how much you are willing to spend. With that in mind you can now decide which receiver is best for you.

AV Receivers come in many brands and price ranges. There are myriads of models in the market with different features. Most are 3D ready and stream content from the internet. Where do you begin? Begin with your budget of course. It will narrow your choices. Choose from reputable brands like Onkyo, that consistently produces the best AV receivers, or Denon that is known for their good sound quality. Finally read unbiased AV receiver reviews that will give you a taste of what the receiver’s features and specifications are.

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