GE Appliance Repair Parts: Is It Okay To Use Surplus Parts?

Parts such as evaporator and condenser which are constructed of soft metal like aluminum or copper tube also don’t break very easily except when unintentionally punctured. Some people are not too cautious and attempt to strip away frozen foods by means of an ice pick damaging the evaporator in the process. When this happen the Freon that is used to cool the system and lubricate the compressor in the form of pressurized gas leaks out of the system leaving the compressor running with no protection thus destroying it. Without refrigerant, the refrigerator won’t be able to operate and actually useless to use. Severe problem like this demands a professional to fix, one with good training in GE refrigerator troubleshooting, one with working experience in GE refrigerator parts and with proper equipment in fixing fridges. If you have this type of problem it is advisable to simply leave it to professionals, take it to authorized GE Appliance Service Centers and allow their highly trained engineers and technician restore it, especially if it is still covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Common GE appliance parts like refrigerator water filter, defrost thermostat, control thermostat, control board and water valve assembly are simple and easy to look for and are accessible in GE internet site and other internet merchants like Amazon. Refrigerator water filter is an important fridge part that will have to be replaced regularly; this is the part that has an expiration or duration, usually 6 months.

GE refrigerator compressor components are not common components that you can regularly purchase in a hardware store, however if you really need to have them you can get them in refrigeration and air-conditioning repair shops and many shops that specialize in compressors.

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