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Paul Clifford launched a software which seems to be definitely one of the great deals right now that blog developers will consider. As a blogger, you must have made the auto blogs and tested locating it on top of the heavy traffic for you to be able to earn through the PPC format of Google. By then, it appears that you are one step closer to earning millions of dollars through auto blogs. You must remember that you need to create the auto blog and then post the content that automatically gets updated through the RSS feed. The process seems to be efficient.On the other hand, you will still be short of the guardian for the curator or the content. The page one curator review is certainly revealing that you have now got the curator for the content that you are going to copy from other articles and then place it on your article.

This is certainly going to be an awesome deal for you as Paul too feels that he has developed a curator who can look after the content of your blog. But, you should learn that the Page One Curator Review clearly advises that there are several drawbacks that you have to look at. If you will look at this software then you will find one drawback in comparison to the auto blogs and you certainly need to find it.

Thus, the blog is able to get an updated content daily also because of the use of RSS feeds aside from the automatically added content in auto blogs. If you will place some good RSS feeds links then you are certainly going to do a world of good through your auto blog business and that is certainly going to be a fun for you. Hence,this is a disadvantage that brings forth the page one curator review. You must recognize that you are up with the finest content when you pick the best link that updates frequently.

However, in case of the Page One Curator, you are going to find one more thing that through this software the content will be controlled by you and you can upload the related articles, videos, images as well as the twitter messages and that is certainly going to be quite useful for you. You are going to love this software as through it you are being saved from the copyright act as well and the price is also quite nominal.

Thus, you are obliged to handle the preparation and management of its content. However, this will be richer as compared to the text content being prepared by the writers and seems like this is going to be more beneficial as well and that is going to be a real plus factor for you. Surely, Paul is going to get his products five stars when you are taking a look at the Page One Curator review. It is just awesome.

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