Five Methods Of Deer Tree Protection For The Winter Months

Deer can be awesome to watch, especially in the early morning hours near your home. If you knew how much damage even a small group can do in just a few hours, you might not feel the same kindness towards them later on. Trees, especially in the winter, can be their favorite target, so protecting them becomes paramount so that they will survive until spring. There are five proven methods to deer tree protection that you can practice all winter long, and are fairly simple to accomplish.

Deer Tree Protection Fencing

For older trees, and even saplings, the best deer tree protection during the winter months is deer fencing. It comes in either plastic or metal mesh, and can be easily placed around each tree to protect from the deer feeding on them. If you do not want to wrap each tree in the fencing, and would prefer to stretch it out around all of them, you will need to have it at least eight feet high to be effective against deer, because they can jump.

Tree Guards

You can double your odds of providing effective deer tree protection during the winter by employing some simple tree guards, in addition to the fencing. While they may not protect the leaves or buds, they will protect the bark from being eaten, or rubbed off by antlers. Also known as tree tubes, they are lengths of plastic mesh that closely wraps around the tree, as high as you wish.

Deer Repellents

There are sprays and compounds that can be used on plants and trees during the winter that will protect them from the ravages of deer. As deer tree protection, use ones that contain the scents of natural predators of deer, like bears, coyotes, or wolves, all of which are known to mark trees with their scents. Once smelled, the deer will stay far away.

Do Not Feed Them

Kids have a tendency to want to watch animals feed during the winter, and will want to leave food out for them because of that wish. If your kids are like this, you can use them as a deer tree protection squad by not allowing them to put any food out for the deer around the trees you want to protect. If they really want to, have them leave piles of seed corn somewhere off of your property, preferably far away.

Fishing Line

Not normally thought of as a deer tree protection device, it has been known to work, especially on young deer. String some strands of fishing line in and around the trees you want to protect, at different heights. The deer will bump into it, smell human scent, and leave, hopefully.

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