Firstscope Celestron Best Beginners Telescopes

Think this telescope for beginners is just for kids think again, the FirstScope Celestron telescope has enough optical performance to make children happy and keep adults interested as well. As the name implies the Firstscope Celestron is designed with the first time user in mind making it one of the best beginners telescopes available today for two reasons, price and ease of use. Astronomy for kids can be rewarding, educational and of course fun too. Make learning about the stars easy with a telescope for children, designed with kids and beginners in mind.

Looking for beginners telescopes that won’t break the bank? Not sure amateur astronomy will interest you? With the Firstscope Celestron you can explore the universe for less than $40. High performance optics will deliver quality images with a minimum investment. See for yourself if the hobby of stargazing is worth perusing with out spending a bundle. Check out our telescopes for beginners for less than a hundred dollars.

The best beginner telescope is not just for kids. The firstscope celestron delivers quality images for less. Read the ratings and reviews from actual users and see for yourself if this starter scope is right for you.

This table top telescope is compact and portable weighing in at under six pounds. No need for a tripod with this little gem. Any stable flat surface like the hood of your car or the back yard picnic table will do, making this telescope for beginners a grab and go scope.

Two eyepieces are included with the Celestron Firstscope a 20mm 15 power and a 4mm 75 power. For additional eyepieces, moon filter, finder scope and astronomy CD make sure to check out the accessory kit. Weather you are looking for a telescope for kids or are new to astronomy yourself, these beginners telescopes will provide you with years of rewarding service while you search the night skies.

Celestron Firstscope Telescope Tips

Lets review some of the features of this kids telescope. It comes with a Dobsonian Mount which makes up and down or altitude and left or right or azimuth movement smooth and easy for exact targeting. The optical tube is a Newtonian reflector design, meaning the objects are upside down. The optical elements are all coated glass to ensure clear and crisp images. To ensure durability and minimum maintenance only quality material is used in the manufacturing of these beginners telescopes by Celestron.

So as not to void your two year limited warranty lets look at some safety tips. Never use your telescope to project images of the sun as heat will build up inside and damage your equipment. The use of solar filters can cause unfiltered sunlight to pass through your eye or cause the telescope to crack or break from the heat. Never leave your equipment unattended only to return to find it broken on the ground.

No assembly is required. Just insert one of the eyepiece that comes with your stargazing telescope and your good to go. To get the most out of your Celestron telescope Firstscope make sure you read the manual before your try to view the night sky. Practice in the day time to familiarize yourself with the operating functions. It comes with a useful owners manual with detailed instruction to make your exploration of the universe fun and rewarding,

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