Everything is not often as it seems

Most people assume that a wealthy particular person would have fancy vehicles, a huge house and lots of “toys” to play with. They would take lavish vacations and are living in a life of luxury. Many people would be wrong.

Several millionaires achieved that status by being frugal. They don’t drive new autos, when they do purchase they often get last year’s model or older, and they retain their cars for a long time. Their houses are nice, but not the most lavish around. These are the smart millionaires who know that showing the world how wealthy they’re isn’t required. For numerous rich folks who do reside that lavish life, their net worth is a fraction of what it ought to be for their income.They’re so busy spending money they forget to pay themselves first and invest for the future. It’s a dangerous situation.

Since the common perception is that only rich folks are living in rich houses and occupants of modest homes don’t have a lot, the people residing in nicer neighborhoods are usually solicited for a wide variety of bad investment deals, charity events and so forth. They do not actually have the funds to give or to invest poorly, but they continue to do so just to maintain up appearances.

It’s not just about being able to buy everything you want. Things like flexible track lighting, and fire extinguisher training and bathroom shower stalls. The material goods are nice and so is learning about them. But…

Think about this, if the particular person wanting to have you as an purchase client contacted you by cold calls out from the blue and they can’t provide proof of their own personal success in investing, then they possibly aren’t as great as they say. If they were good, they wouldn’t need to cold call you. If they aren’t willing to demonstrate their individual success their their sales pitch is most likely a sham. Be cautious of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The problem with living for that appearance of wealth is that you have nothing to fall back on when your income sources dry up. What happens whenever you lose your job, or your parents cash gift every year? You no longer can afford to lead the life you do. You suffer the shame of selling your house, cars and abandoning your fancy lifestyle.

It’s much better to are living below your means and offer for your future. You aren’t living for the Joneses, you’re living for yourselves.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on July 30, 2010

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