Effects of Using a Flat Iron

When flat irons where introduced in the market, people hesitated in buying it with the doubt that it would destroy the hair with the heat. If you consider traditional chemical straightening techniques dangerous for your sensitive hair, then avoid them and use a professional flat iron with just the required heat for styling your hair. Flat irons actually straighten the hair temporarily reshaping the hair from inner by changing the hydrogen bonding structure of the hair with heat. And the changed texture may go back to the original state when exposed to water, shampooing, etc. There are so many side effects of heat styling when you use the wrong low quality flat iron such as damages caused by producing dry ends, hair breakage, hair falls, split ends, frizz etc. It is also recommended not to apply a flat iron on damp or wet hair as it can cause hair damages. The absence of adjustable temperature setting also makes the hair overheated and damaged.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on December 29, 2011

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