Dealing with oily skin

First and foremost, when you’re dealing with oily skin, don’t make assumptions. Just because your face is oily, doesn’t mean you need to cleanse it six times a day with some harsh product. This is actually the last thing you want to do. Irritating it will only lead to more breakouts.

Your first move should be to acquire an oily skin treatment such as Proactive Solution, or specific products from Neutrogena. Many drugstore brands now offer oily skin treatment products to assist you in your battle. Most likely you’re going to follow the directions of the facial cleanser you choose and wash your mug in the morning and before bed. Please note!! It is important to follow the instructions as noted otherwise you could over dry your face.

Once you’ve cleansed, there are a number of oily skin treatment products to select from. If you went with the Proactive kit, you will follow the cleansing process with a toner and finish with an acne fighting moisturizer. This allows your complexion to clear as the day goes on. The product will battle the acne and help minimize your pores.

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