Cutting-edge & vintage diamond settings for engagement rings fashion

Fashion changes with each season but diamonds engagement ring styles tend to be consistent each year. You have the various metals to work with, such as white gold, yellow gold, platinum & palladium, & several diamond shapes ranging from round to princess cut, radiant to heart, pear and oval, & marquise, cushion & emerald cuts. Where the trends come from usually originates with the diamond princess engagement ring designers who create the masterpieces to be worn for a lifetime, & celebrities who “supersize” a particular style that is featured on the cover of People magazine.

For the year 2010 we’ve seen some tried-and-true styles come back into the mainstream. Classic diamond solitaires with a round stone between 3/4-carats and 1 1/2-carats are always popular. The vintage-cushion cut diamond set in a platinum ring with lots of micropave diamonds is loved by brides-to-be this year. Yellow gold is the metal of choice for some brides in recent months, although it still ranks lower in popularity than the white metals platinum, palladium and white gold. One diamond band engagement rings trend that is requested more & more often at jewelers is the Halo diamond engagement ring. The ring style has the distinctive feature of a circle of diamonds, or a “halo” that appears to float around the center diamond.

Unlike modern rings, antique style engagement rings are all hand made, ranging from any design to any era. Most of them are hand finished as well, and besides that these rings are set with fine diamonds which are delicately placed on the beautiful ring in a manner modern machine may not be able to replicate.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on August 9, 2010

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