Creating A Water Wonderland Through Interior Plantscaping

Have you ever visited a restaurant or zoo that had a large koi pond in the front, and wondered just how they created it? It takes a lot of gifted and creative people to pull off engineering such an environment, usually broken up into set teams of workers. The first team is the engineers, the ones who design the details of the pond itself. Next comes the construction crew, the ones responsible for laying out the perimeter of the pond, and perhaps extending to harvesting of the rocks that will be placed inside of it. The next team is the interior plantscaping crew, whose responsibilities will include the selection and placement of living plants so the koi may feed and live in comfort. The last team in the mix are the fish handlers, who will select and introduce just the right finny friends for the new world that was created for them.

After the teams before them have finished their tasks, the interior plantscaping team is ready to go to work. While waiting, they have carefully drawn out plans for sculpting the interior of the koi pond with the right living plants to help the koi survive. To do this will require extensive research into the koi themselves, including habitats, feeding habits and the plants normally found in the wild around them. Armed with this kind of information, the team is now ready to go out and purchase the plants the client needs, and secure them within the depths of the pond. They will, fortunately, be able to do this without the need of scuba gear, because the water has yet to be added. Later on, however, as maintenance is needed, they will use specialists who are trained to work underwater.

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This post was written by SBR_Assistant on September 22, 2012

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