Drones With A Camera

Many years ago, attaching a camera to a drone would have been a ludicrous idea to simply put, would not have been possible. However, dramatic advancements in technology has now meant that small yet powerful cameras are now built-in to most drones that are available on the market today. Although you can still find quadrotors without a camera, it is rare and most do include a high quality option for both pictures and video. Because of the addition of drones with a camera, the industry is now huge and growing ever more popular every single year.

In 2014, the well-known drone manufacturer, DJI, introduced HD to their drones and the game was changed forever. The quadrotor was also equipped with a three-way gimbal which keeps the camera steady during rough weather conditions as well as the vibrations of the drone itself. As a result, drones are now being used worldwide for a number of tasks including film production and crowd control.

A drone, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as well as many other names, is a device that will fly without the use of a pilot or anyone on board. These ‘aircraft’ can be controlled remotely using a remote control device by someone standing on the ground or by using computers that are on-board. UAV’s in the beginning were typically controlled by someone on the ground but as technology has advanced, more and more aircraft are being made with the aim of being controlled via on-board computers.

The idea of an unmanned aerial vehicle can be traced back to early in the twentieth century and were originally intended to be solely used for military missions but have since found place in our everyday lives. Reginald Denny, who was a popular film star as well as an avid collector of drones with a camera was said to produce the first ever remote piloted vehicle in 1935.

Since this date, the aircraft have been able to adapt to new technologies and can now be found with cameras as well as other useful extras. As a result of this, UAVs are used for policing, security work and surveillance and firefighting, they are even used by many companies to check on hard to reach assets such as piping and wirework adding an extra layer of safety and security.

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