Bridal Showers Can Make A Great Day

This old tradition of giving household gifts to a bride-to-be at her bridal shower was to help her collect the things she would need to start her own household after marriage. These days, the bridal shower is still a chance for the bride to receive gifts, but she can also have fun and celebrate her marriage with friends and family.

The proceedings at a bridal shower are quite predictable – guests arrive, everyone plays some games, the bride opens the gifts, everyone eats then leaves. Bridal showers seem to always be the same as others you have been to. The benefits of bridal shower ideas are widely known.

What if you could plan a bridal shower that was different? What creative ideas could you use to spice up the plain bridal shower? Here are some novel ideas that will help you arrange a wonderfully different bridal shower that everyone is going to really enjoy.

Try to think of a venue with a difference. Perhaps you could have a picnic in a park? Maybe you have a park with a bandstand you can use for free, or you could spread colorful picnic rugs under a big shady tree. Large market style umbrellas could be used for shade and in case of rain.

What about planning a progressive shower? You meet at one house for games, move to another for wine and nibbles while the bride opens the gifts and then on to a third home for the main feast. Plan imaginative games that can be played during the trips between houses.

Consider holding a small bridal shower in a coffee shop or small restaurant. Take the time to look for a venue with a difference. Take a look at bridal shower favors shower for more details.

Turn over your whole house to the theme for a fun bridal shower; create a tropical island or a western dance hall. Be lavish with the decorations and have the guests come in costume and character. Be creative and think up fun variations on the traditional theme.

Bridal showers always seem to be held on a Saturday, but you could choose to change this. The bridal shower will have a very different feel if it is held on a weekday evening or as a breakfast. Try for something different – change the time of day so guests still can enjoy their weekends.

Plan your theme around your creative venue to make a complete story out of the occasion. You don’t have to have a bridal shower that just has a bridal theme to it. You will find the bridal shower favors section very interesting! If you are not planning a variety in the venue, go for a theme that the bride would enjoy. Perhaps she enjoys a hobby or a sport, like golf or yoga. Any of these ideas could form the theme for a bridal shower and you could ask guests to come in costume to add to the theme.

When thinking about the invitations, let the chosen theme and the venue inspire you. Use you imagination to create a different style of invitation that emphasises the theme. Having the invitations hand delivered when you can expect people to be home, either by a courier company or by a friend dressed up to match the theme.

Your theme will also be the source of ideas for your food and refreshments. Look for new recipes to try beforehand and be creative in the food presentation. Ask friends who love to cook to give you a hand with the food preparation.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on July 11, 2010

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