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Are you struggling to understand your lessons, or having difficulty in memorizing or concentrating? This phenomenon is called cognitive deficiency and it is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. The brain needs to be maintained for optimum performance and just like a machine it needs to be regularly oiled.

Cognitive deficiency is usually a temporary condition, and one way of restoring and even optimizing brain function is by taking in the right brain supplements. It is popular belief that a balanced diet is the answer in obtaining maximum performance for the body. However, it is important to note that more studies are claiming that a healthy diet is not enough.

Brain supplements are preparations that can provide extra nutrition to your brain so that mental powers and cognitive functions are enhanced. The nutrients contained in brain supplements often come from the food you eat every day. Health supplements boost mental functioning by providing necessary nutrients which contribute to a healthy brain.

Today, new ingredients that display neuro-generative properties have been discovered. One of these natural ingredients is Apoaequorin, a protein discovered in 1962 from glowing jellyfish. A compound that binds with the calcium ions of the human nervous system was found in these glowing jellyfish.

At first, the body produces enough calcium binding proteins which protect cells from calcium overload but as each individual progress into their thirties the production lessens. Prevagen has Apoaequorin which is supported by brain research supplements that offer the compound in a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. The supplement has no negative side effects and does not react adversely with other nutritional tablets.

Nerve cells are prone to calcium overload and Apoaequorin works by regulating the process itself to maintain the optimum performance of these cells. The product contains 10mg of Apoaequorin in each tablet and it functions by binding to calcium ions in cells and in the process, reducing cell damage. The cell damage is associated with aging due to the decline in the supply of calcium-binding proteins.

Furthermore, it can actually help restore the body’s internal balance and targets memory problems that many people of a certain age acquire. Individuals have the natural ability to produce this calcium-binding protein but it is not always enough and Apoaequorin is a great equivalent to take in orally. It also boosts the synthesis of protective proteins that the body loses as it reaches middle to late adulthood.

The laboratory tests confirm that at least 50% of cells were protected from calcium toxicity. Neuroprotection indicates brain cells that are healthier and live longer. Knowing these facts, it is safe to assume that improving your brain’s health also improves the human body’s general functions for a healthier you.

Aging is the primary cause behind many changes in cellular functioning. With brain cells, calcium binding protein production gets hindered. This would result in very high levels of calcium ions which build up and cause cellular death for neurons that are responsible for learning functions.

The dilemma is that no food sources provide these calcium binding proteins. Even large servings of fruit or vegetables can’t provide a significant increase in calcium binding proteins. Only Prevagen is supported by various brain research supplements in providing an essential protein necessary for optimum brain function.

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