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Simple, short review of Simple Book?

Simplify your life by keeping only those that support you in your address book, suggests “How to simplify your life“.

Focussing on several topics related to wholesome living, I was really surprised by an ending plot twist. And mind you, this is not a fiction. How to simplify your life is a book that offers practical tips for everyday life. But it was eye opening to see how everything fits together in the end. No I won’t tell you how it ends, it would spoil you all the surprise.

Let me give you just a short example. One of pieces of the puzzle is suggestion to weed out fake friends and focus your energy, as well as affections on a relatively small group of people you’re closest to. Certainly makes a sense.

I can only suggest you read the book for yourself and make your own opinion. You won’t regret it. How to simplify your life book review.

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