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The past few years have been some of the best ever for a large number of SUV manufacturers in India. In our country this segment of vehicles has come a long way. There was a time when nobody even knew what a Sports Utility Vehicle looks like or what the difference is between a car and a SUV, but today the car driving population of our country waits with baited breathe for the launch of any new SUV. In fact, the demand for this segment of automobiles is picking up pace in such a manner that to meet the demand, there are 15 new models scheduled to launch on the Indian roads this year itself. Last year too saw many new players entering the SUV market with their products. The rise in requirement and demand is also making many manufacturers be tempted to tap into this market, but the competition is fierce. Obviously, the competition will be brutal, considering that they are more than plenty options for the consumer to choose from, regardless of factors like price, size, features, etc.

The days of Ambassadors and Fiat Padminis for public transport are a thing of the past. These days most vehicles used for public transport by private travel agency owners and small businesses are SUVs and MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicles). At present these two segments of cars account for nearly 15% of the total passenger car market in the country, and the numbers are expected to keep growing in the coming years. In fact, a good example to realize this may be to take a look at election campaigning these years. Notice how each time you see politicians or their cars, most of them have been switched from hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs that carry more people, look dynamic in design, and can handle any type of terrain. Taking into consideration that even today a large part of the country is rural and does not have the infrastructure ideal for low sedans, SUVs seem like a godsend. As a matter of fact, the sales of SUVs and MPVs see a significant rise starting a few months before every big election.

The increasing brand consciousness among common people and aspirations of the middle class to buy a big-sized car, all rack-up to make the advantages list for this car segment. Hence, the real challenge for automobile manufacturers of the country is to produce a SUV which has many safety and luxury feature, but does not hit too much of a high mark in price. Many manufacturers are even looking for eco-friendly solutions to dodge the problems seen in the far future arising from things like excess fuel consumption, carbon emission, hike in diesel prices, less mileage, etc. Some manufacturers are producing compact SUVs as a solution. These cars look like SUVs while drive like cars. They may be the future for those who want a SUV for namesake.

Another good news for the SUV manufacturers in India, is that according to statistics, the average age of a person going in for a SUV has reduced to 31 years from 39 years. This translates into a bigger population desiring this segment of cars. Plus, with the rise in socio-economic standards for young professionals living in the bigger cities of the country, many more individuals can now afford to buy multiple cars thanks to more disposable income. Other factors for growth of the SUV cars segment are aspects like there are easier financing options available today, there has been a marked change in consumer lifestyle, a sporting appeal of the vehicle, cars are being used as a status symbol, diesel prices,are lower than petrol, and so on.

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