Ardyss Business Review: Body Magic For You?

Ardyss International Review

Recent years have seen a craze among people to achieve the perfect body shape; a flat stomach and a body without bulges is everyone’s dream. Ardyss International has come up with shaping solutions that enable people to attain the perfect figure they want. Ardyss also makes your purses fatter by offering a business opportunity to customers. Here’s a review of the Ardyss income opportunity for you.

Background Of Ardyss International

Ardyss International was started in 1989 in Mexico by the Diaz De Leon Family. In 2007, the company switched over its mode of selling to network marketing and moved its headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ardyss Key Products

–    Reshaping – The Ardyss Body Magic, the main product is a reshaping garment specially made by an orthopaedic surgeon that helps in altering the body shape on a permanent basis  on consistent use. The principle behind this is, on repeated use this reshaping garment acts like a cast that helps fill out places where flesh looks attractive while removing unwanted bulges.
–    Le’Vive Juice – This is a popular anti-oxidising syrup that’s made of five fruits. It offers several nutritional benefits.
–    Other merchandise offered include cosmetics, skin care and health care products.

The Ardyss Business

–    Entry fees ranges between $30 membership charges to $299 powerpack fees.
–    Business reps earn by buying products at wholesale prices and selling them at a maximum profit of 40% at MRP.
–    Good salespersons are rewarded with perks and incentives regularly.

The Ardyss Body Magic Advantage

The home business offers attractive products that satisfy customer requirements. Commissions are good while the cost of joining is low. With over two decades of experience, The home business is a good company to work for.New distributors are trained and motivated by the company and given good back office support.

Why Not Ardyss?

In spite of the good quality, high-demand products, only a few distributors in The home business earn really good incomes. For the remaining majority, this business serves only as a supplementary source of income. This is because the marketing practices followed here are traditional and outdated.
The Power of Five, as propagated by The opportunity requires you to contact five people you know and get them to buy the products and join the business as reps. The cycle of meeting friends, getting leads and following up could keep going only till an extent; after this most of the leads you follow will be of no use.

The Key To Making It In Ardyss International

The training offered by the company will encourage you to promote your business among people you know well, but this network is too limited. Instead of this approach, promote your products among people who want reshaping products or other products manufactured by Ardyss, but don’t know where they could buy such products. Online marketing is the most effective means to find such people. Once you master the skills of internet marketing, you’ll see that your reach extends far beyond your imagination.
All you need to do now is learn and try out these innovative selling techniques to see your business picking up.

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