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Mark Ling is at it again with AffilioJetPack! This is a whole system that is ready to go for any affiliate marketer who wants to earn money online but lacks funds and time to build their business from scratch. Affiliate marketing is far more involved than most think it is. This is why so many new affiliates never end up making money-they don’t put in the work they need to. This is why Mark Ling put together AffilioJetPack: to help new affiliate marketers make they money that they dream of making. This program is meant to be an unpack it, set it up and make money system. Is it worth all of the hype it has earned? You decide on your own.

AffilioJetpack is built to be a nearly fully automated business for those who want to earn money with affiliate sales. The program was created by Mark Ling, the mastermind behind AffilioBlueprint and AffilioRama-programs designed to teach people the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Lest you assume that Mark is yet another flash in the wind, you should know that he has spent years teaching people how to make thousands and thousands of dollars online. He and his programs have become incredibly popular and widely acclaimed. Not only has Mark put together scads of content for each niche system he has chosen for you; he has also developed three e-books for each niche as well. You can use these e-books in whatever way suits you best. You might consider offering them as a “thank you” to those who sign up for your lists. You can use them to make extra money. If someone wants to read through the books, you can offer them as added value. You decide what to do. Every affiliate marketer understands how valuable e-books can be as giveaways and incentives. You will have three of them. That’s not bad at all.

If you find that you are itching to bring in some extra money, the auto response system set up by Mark Ling comes complete with over a dozen hard sell e-mails that you can send out to your subscriber list. If you spread out these e-mails between the informational newsletters, your list will be more than ready to buy from you when you are ready to sell to them. You will find lots of reasons to use AffilioJetPack. Mark Ling is one of the most trusted names online; that alone is worth the product’s asking price. You know that if he puts his name on it, the product is worth it’s asking price. Typically, automated systems are thought to be myths: all hype and no substance. With this program, however, that is not true at all. This product is worth all of the hype it has been given.

By Thomas Draper

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on August 6, 2010

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