5 Things To Be Aware Of Prior To Purchasing A Men’s Wedding Ring

Men’s wedding rings are no longer the plain and boring. Seeing that every married man needs one, fashion businesses have come up with a lot of beautiful designs. This is one piece of jewelry that men sport without hesitation. When this is the only piece you wear, you shouldn’t feel guilty to get a good design and of the best metal. You can also get messages or names engraved in the wedding rings. Always make sure you state the right size while placing an order for rings.

Gold wedding bands: A gold men’s wedding ring has been used traditionally for a long time but are now available in interesting designs. As times are changing; other metals have been accepted for making wedding rings. Gold bands also come with subtle patterns on the surface which adds to the style. Some come with a border on each side which can be of the same or some other metal. While gold rings are more popular than the yellow and to reduce the shine, people also look for brush polished bands. Titanium wedding bands: Titanium mens wedding bands are for those who don’t like wearing flashy jewelry. While gold can look very bright and can contrast with some colors, tungsten remains a good color of metal for all reasons. Tungsten wedding bands can also have patterns on them like lines and maybe a stone. Domed, striped and brush polished rings are the most popular. You can also look at the spiral and ribbed patterns. These work out to be cheaper compared to gold rings.

It is important to shop at a retail establishment that is as close to a full service jeweler as you can find in your area offering men’s wedding rings white gold. Service is important when it comes to shopping for a wedding band since there are many things that can go awry in the process. Ring sizing is one area of service that causes a lot of confusion. Most better stores will offer some kind of a guarantee on the sizing, typically 30 days in the event that your ring size changes over that period or in the event that somehow the salesperson mis-sized your finger or used a set of sizing rings that did not reflect the width of shank that you had selected. Whether you decide to shop online or at a retail establishment, it is always important to develop a rapport with the shop owner whether over the phone or in person. How they answer your questions and treat you over the phone will clue you in as to how your experience with their after sales service might turn out.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on July 24, 2010

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